Salary and Benefits of a Registered Nurse


Registered nurse benefits may prove to be an important issue if you wish to opt for a nursing profession. The demand for RNs never diminishes even during the recession. It’s a safe, reliable, and secured career. As per the latest survey in the United States, there is a high demand of nurses in many parts of the world. Before the end of 2016, approximately 58,000 nurses are required in the U.S. Besides job security and flexible schedules; this career offers so many benefits that you might not have even thought of.

The major benefits that you can get as a registered nurse are:

As mentioned above, nursing career is recession-free and is expected to grow even more in the future. In comparison to other professions, the job opportunities in the nursing field are expected to grow by 19 percent from 2012 to 2022.

Better Job Opportunities

With more than 100,000 vacant positions and the growing need for these professionals, the future prospects are outstanding for RNs.

Varying Job Areas

Upon completion of graduation, RNs may choose any of the following job areas as per their convenience.

  • Integrated health care industry
  • Hospitals
  • Clinics or offices
  • Nursing homes
  • Home-health
  • Public health
  • Teaching positions at colleges, hospitals and universities
  • Industrial nurse

    High Salary Packages

  • RN salary depends on the experience, type of organization, educational background, and location. A nurse with highly specialized skills and experience is definitely paid more. The median annual salary of RNs in the United States in May 2013 was $68,910 and the mean hourly wages were $33.13. The highest 10% earned more than $92, 240, the middle 50% earned between $51,640 and $76,570 a year, and the lowest 10% earned less than $43,410 per annum. The registered nurses, who worked on weekends, earned
    • Day shift (7:00 a.m.-7:30 p.m.)- $38 per hour
    • Night shift (7:00 p.m.-7:30 a.m.)- $41 per hour

Fringe Benefits

RNs throughout their job tenure relish fringe benefits. Most of the employers pay 100% of continuing education expenses to the nurses, working with them. In addition to this, most hospitals offer free lab work each year to the registered nurses. Apart from this, these professionals may also enjoy:

  • Paid holidays
  • Sick leaves
  • Paid-Time off (PTO)

It means that you receive payment for each hour you have not worked. For instance, in some hospitals, if you had worked for a year, you may receive between 160 and 180 hours for PTO, which means that you may take off for 160 hours or 13 days and 180 hours or 15 days throughout the year and get paid for them.




What is a scriptwriter?

According to Merriam Webster dictionary. A person who writes the written form of a play, movie, television show, etc. :a person who writes a script. It means that in any kinds of acting it includes a scriptwriter. Without a scriptwriter the play, movie or the television show there’s no flow of the story. The scripwriters makes the show’s story line. They are the heart of the show. They make anything organize and make sure that the lines match the scene.


Scriptwriters are the incredibly talented people who write scripts for feature films, sitcoms, television dramas, radio plays, cartoons, TV adverts, West End musicals, and anything else you can think of where adlibbing actors just won’t suffice!

Creating characters, crafting dialogue and writing an engaging plot are all part of a scriptwriter’s job. Essentially, these creative dynamos form something which acts as the skeleton on which a director can map their creative vision.-

Being a scriptwriter

Most of the scriptwriters are not well known. That just hurt many scriptwriter’s heart. Because most  of the idea of the show are theirs. Being a scriptwriter is an honorable job. It makes your heart flutter when the actor says the line perfectly. Being a scriptwriter has to be imaginative and creative in any other way. You need to be unique and wise. It helps you to expand your vocabulary and makes fiction real.


Many scriptwriters have degrees in English, journalism or creative writing. However, scriptwriters from other academic backgrounds are actually very common. In fact, many successful scriptwriters don’t even have undergraduate degrees. Indeed, the industry is one that honours talent and ability in spite of academic credentials.

Scriptwriters can take short writing courses for training purposes. Postgraduate degrees aren’t necessary, but can provide essential training for those focusing on a specific area of scriptwriting.

Basically, all you need are excellent writing skills, an in-depth understanding of the acting process, the ability to create believable characters through well-written dialogue, excellent time management, stupendous research skills and a talent for networking.-



Usually when we heard nursing we immediately think that it is a girl and a helping hand of a doctor. A not finished doctor. But it is more than that. Being a nurse includes to being patient, loving, passionate and helping others with no extra charges. Being a nurse you can be attached to the patient. Because nurses usually has more time to pampered patients. They intend to talk and befriend with them. Just thinking they want to take care of the person they don’t know. Being a nurse have so many advantages. You know all the symptoms that a disease have. They allows them to close other people unlike any other profession. Sometimes they see the people whom they care walking around with a smile saying he or she is a disease free person. Those are just the things that being a nurse for them is a fulfillment.

Being a nurse

You need to be respectful, not just in nursing but in any other profession too. It started when you are learning then working. Patients are some sometimes rude and disrespectful. But you are a professional that’s why you need to be respectful even though they’re being rude to you. You are their helping hand, you make sure they drink all the medicine on time and know that they are fine. Doctors are there when the situation gets critical. But you are there to maintain their  condition.


In terms of caring

You need to be fair for everyone you are taking care of. You need to have an equal treatment in every patient and don’t have favoritism. You need to love them equally and take care fairly.


You are a nurse. You need to be presentable and  fresh. Imagine your patient is making a scene or had a bad mood they eventually  will be burden because you have a messy hair and have foul smell. Your hair should be in a tight bun, your uniform is clean and you have a clean face. So that the patients will lessen their stress.